‘Frybread Face and Me’ by Native American Director Billy Luther, goes to Netflix

Frybread Face and Me follows the story of Benny Lovell, a 12-year-old Navajo boy who meets up with his cousin Dawn, aka Frybread Face

As previously reported in Native Viewpoint, Billy Luther (Navajo, Hopi and Laguna Pueblo), the multi-award-winning director and producer known for his documentaries Miss Navajo and Grab as well as other successful projects, is celebrating his newest film, “Frybread Face and Me,” which is premiering on Netflix on Native American Heritage Day, November 24.

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Frybread Face and Me follows the story of Benny Lovell, a 12-year-old Navajo boy who grew up in San Diego and loves listening to Fleetwood Mac. When his parents take him to his Grandmother Lorraine’s sheep ranch on the rez in Arizona, he meets up with his cousin Dawn, who is called Frybread Face by her family.

Luther told Native Viewpoint, “Making Frybread Face and Me has been a long process from an Idea I had writing the story filled with personal memories. But deep down, the film is about family and how they ultimately shape who we become. And one’s search for identity. As kids going home to our grandparent’s home on the rez – it is a universal experience that we can all connect with. The love and humor I remember and the colorful relatives that came and went during one summer.”

Watch the Native Viewpoint Frybread Face and Me video interview w/ Billy Luther, Martin Sensmeier, Kahara Hodges & Charley Hogan

Frybread Face and Me was written and directed by Luther and was executive-produced by Taika Waititi. Chad Burris (Chickasaw), the founder of Indion Group, is also a producer of the film.

Film Synopsis

It’s 1990. Benny is a Native American boy growing up in San Diego who plays with dolls and listens to Fleetwood Mac. Everything Benny thinks he knows about himself and his family is turned upside down when his parents force him to spend the summer at his Grandma Lorraine’s sheep ranch on the reservation in Arizona. There he meets his cousin Dawn— AKA Frybread Face, a pudgy 11-year-old vagabond, tough-as-nails tomboy. Benny has never met anyone like her, and he is equally intimidated and impressed by her knowledge of Navajo language and tradition. Benny is introduced to Navajo life on the Rez, and his unruly uncle Marvin. Together, Benny and Fry create a memorable summer.

Director: Billy Luther

Cast: Kier Tallman, Charley Hogan, Martin Sensmeier (The Magnificent Seven), Kahara Hodges, Sarah Natani

Screenwriter: Billy Luther

Executive Producers: Taika Waititi

Producers: Chad Burris