Marvel ‘Echo’ and ‘Kingpin’ Funko Pops from Disney’s Echo series are now available

I have my Maya Lopez and Kingpin Funko Pop, do you? Photos and video below

Did you order your Echo Funko Pop? 

I admittedly ordered both the Kingpin with an eyepatch and the fighting stance version of Echo in her superhero uniform, (complete with the ornate leg brace made by Graham Greene’s character) just as Disney’s Echo had been released.

Here are a few photos and a brief unboxing video.

Kingpin and Echo Funko Pops (and the side of the boxes) I just received from Amazon/Funko (Photo Vincent Schilling)

As an aside, there is also a Maya Lopez character available as part of the Hawkeye series; I included the link below.

If you are interested in your own Echo or Kingpin Funko Pop, they are available now on Amazon or on the Funko Pop site. (The following are affiliate links:)

Funko Pop! Marvel: Echo –  

Funko Pop! Marvel: Echo – Kingpin 
POP Marvel: Hawkeye – Echo (Maya Lopez) –