Video: Indigenous Two Spirit artist NoNamey creates magic with cardboard and acrylic paints

NoNamey was introduced to me by Native comedian Joey Clift, NoNamey is one of my all-time favorite artists

On a random day, I was perusing Instagram and ran across a colleague of mine Joey Clift, a Cowlitz comedian and Emmy-nominated writer known for the series Spirit Rangers.

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I immediately noticed his new profile pic with this amazing, colorful jacket and tie. Intrigued, I saw that Joey credited the Indigenous artist by the name of NoNamey, and going to their account (their pronouns are they/them), my jaw dropped to the floor; I loved their work!

I saw colorful painted robots, cameras, giant-sized spray paint cans, skateboards and even a TV with giant teeth and a tongue.

I just had to know more about NoNamey, so I reached out to them.

Here is our conversation. See photos of NoNamey’s work below.

To reach out to NoNamey visit their website or follow them on Instagram.


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IG: Stay Tuft –

Fun photos of NoNamey’s work