Native representation in a TV show about aliens? Yes, in SYFY’s ‘Resident Alien’

Interviews with Sarah Podemski, Trevor Carroll and Gary Farmer about their roles in the third season of SYFY’s popular hit show, ‘Resident Alien’

SYFY’s “Resident Alien” is a SYFY Network show that follows a crash-landed alien named Harry (Alan Tudyk) on a secret mission to kill all humans. It is not a place you’d expect to have accurate Native American representation, but hats off to the SYFY Network, which has done just that.

SYFY’s Resident Alien Season 3 premiered Feb. 14 (Courtesy SYFY)

How does the show do it?

In a series of video interviews, Native actors Sarah Podemski (Anishinaabe and Ashkenazi), Trevor Carroll (Ojibway), and Gary Farmer (Cayuga, Wolf Clan) talk about their prospective roles in the series.

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Sarah Podemski

In this interview, Sarah Podemski, known for her work on productions such as Reservation Dogs, Empire of Dirt, and more, talks about her character Kayla in the Resident Alien series and discusses how Native actors today are finally getting recognized.

However, we still have a way to go.

Gary Farmer

Having worked in the industry for over 50 years, Gary Farmer is Cayuga Wolf Clan, and he is known for his performances in films such as Smoke Signals, Dead Man, Reservations Dogs, and Resident Alien.

Trevor Carroll

In this video, I interview Ojibway actor and director Trevor Carroll, who says he is thrilled to be working on a production with such actors as Sarah Podemski and Gary Farmer.

I hope you enjoyed these videos. Thanks for tuning in.

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