Video Interview: John Romero’s book, “DOOMGUY: Life in First Person”

John Romero, Mexican, Yaqui and Cherokee, was one of the co-creators of the most influential video game of all time “Doom.”

Is there anything John Romero can’t do?

For those familiar with the history of PC games, perhaps you ran through a personal computer world’s brick dungeon with a shotgun while fighting demons. Or perhaps you spent ample amounts of spare time looking for that hidden blue key card.

Of course, I’d be talking about DOOM, and one of the original creators is John Romero.

Called the godfather of first-person shooter games John Romero, an Indigenous man of Mexican, Yaqui and Cherokee heritage, has just released an autobiographical masterpiece, “DOOMGUY Life in First Person,” which I highly recommend.

Stay tuned for my review in Native Viewpoint.

In this video, I interview the man behind the book to discuss his role as one of the collaborators of one of the most iconic games of all time: DOOM!