Poarch Creek citizen creates a comic book with a Native American half-vampire female hero

Scotty White’s Native-owned Ninja Mop Studios’ “Chronicles of Limbo” reaches Kickstarter funding goal, and the first two issues are going to print

In late August 2023, Poarch Creek Band of Indians citizen Scotty White issued a proclamation on his Kickstarter campaign regarding his comic book, “Chronicles of Limbo.”

“We did it!” he exclaimed on his campaign page, meaning he had superseded his goal of $2,500 with a total of $2,829 provided by over 100 backers for his project.

About Chronicles of Limbo, according to Scotty White 

As described by Scotty White and Ninja Mop Studios, the comic story is as follows:

Chronicles of Limbo takes you to Limbo to follow the story of Josephine DeSalle, a dhampir (half-vampire), and her cosmically powered toddler, Mop. While resting one night, their home is invaded, and this starts an adventure of a lifetime. This journey will take them to the Gate City of Valaris, where they will face Soul Stealing Hunters, Urban Necromancers, Vampire Assassins,  a mysterious Government Agency, and the monsters that truly pull the strings in Limbo.

White, who also worked with fellow creators J.S. Walker, Guilherme Medeiros, Emily Carlin, Bev Johnson, Amanda Rachels, Danielle Caudillo, and Jessica LaPorte to create the Chronicles of Limbo comic, says he fell in love with comics as a kid.

“Comics has been an important part of my life as a teenager in the early 90s, I was a kid who fell in love with Marvel Comics trading cards and discovered comics through that. I fell in love with the X-Men. I have always loved science fiction genres. I was always the weird kid in my neighborhood who liked that stuff.” 

How the storyline got started

White explained that though his father is Poarch Creek, he was eventually adopted by his non-Native mother, who got remarried.  

“As an adopted kid, the theme in my book is the story of a mother, Josephine, who is Poarch Creek. She’s of the wind clan from 300 years ago. She has been living her life in this mysterious realm at the center of the multiverse alone for a very long time until she meets a young girl named Mop. And together, She adopts her and becomes a mother.”

White says the comics industry is changing for the better and appreciates that more voices are being allowed into the mix, but he wants Native writers to write more than just for Native characters.

“A lot of times, comic book companies will say, ‘We have minority characters we want you to write for and give a voice for,’ which is good. I’m glad for that. But I also would like maybe I would also like to write Wolverine. And so, or in my case, I like Rachel Summers, (a mutant in the Marvel Universe). I would really love to write for her.” 

White says overall, he is truly thrilled about the comic and looks forward to creating more.

“As a writer, part of the process of writing is being in your head, and the other process is putting it out on some sort of medium. The final part of that process is getting it to an audience. It doesn’t do any good to anybody if it still stays in your head or stays on the page.”

“We’re super excited.” 

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