Supaman drops latest video ‘Alright’ featuring a ‘Back to the Future’ time-traveling DeLorean

Native Hip Hop artist Supaman worked with the Montana Film Office, Interim Productions and multi-platinum Grammy-winning producer Nottz

Christian Parrish Takes-The-Gun, a.k.a. Supaman, is a Native rapper from the Crow Nation.

Over the years, he has gained considerable fame for his videos such as Prayer Loop Song and Why which have received millions of views on YouTube and Facebook. Supaman is also an MTV music award-winning artist that has continued to bring an artistic combination of Native culture and hip hop culture to the mainstream music lover’s world.

Supaman has just released on Thursday, April 21, his latest video Alright which features such fare as traditional dress, Native tipis and language as well as the iconic and familiar time-traveling silver Delorean made famous in the Back to the Future movie franchise.

He took a moment to share his thoughts with Native Viewpoint about the latest release of his album. 

“It was an amazing project that we put together,” says Supaman, who revealed the use of the Delorean was by chance. Watch the interview below.

Interview with Native Viewpoint’s Vincent Schilling 

In regards to his video (which had thousands of views within the first hour after being posted) Supaman says, “The opening scene of his new video “Alright” is no less than a movie! Traveling back in time to visit your ancestors in the Delorean time machine? It doesn’t get any better than that! 

Alright video poster by Native hip hop artist Supaman
Alright video poster by Native hip hop artist Supaman (Courtesy image)

Supaman offered the following description of his Alright video:

“Alright takes you on a visually stimulating journey of nostalgia from the 1800s to the 1980s and on to the present day. If that wasn’t enough Supaman proves he’s no amateur when it comes to delivering thought-provoking bars by teaming up with one of Dr. Dre’s favorite producers, multi-platinum Grammy award-winning Nottz, accompanied by the ever-so haunting voice of Neenah from the Netherlands.”

He also thanked several people on his YouTube channel page.

“It was a blast collaborating with Implement Productions and the Montana Film Office on this one-of-a-kind vision!”


Alright- Supaman feat. Neenah (Produced by Nottz)

“Shout out to multi-platinum producer on this song Nottz. Big love to everybody who was involved with this project. Angela Howe — Choke Cherry Creek, Christiane Parrish, Sam Parrish, Scott Flatlip, Joe and Ken Wooy, Nick Lambert, Dessi Badbear, Hilario Stewart, Mya Walksoverice, Jonella Hill,  Dean Bearclaw and everybody who came out to the sets and volunteered their time. A’ho!”

Medicine Bundle the album is available now