Time for some #NDNHumor! Check out the comedy web series: ‘NDNs on the Airwaves’

Janet Marie Rogers, Mohawk and Tuscarora, creates a web series on a fictional Rez Radio Station CKFU

Are you ready for some Rez radio humor? Then check out the latest web series project NDNs on the Airwaves, produced, written and directed by Mohawk/Tuscarora Six Nations member Janet Marie Rogers.

According to Rogers, NDNs on the Airwaves is an independently produced comedy web series consisting of ten, 8-12 minute episodes, about a fictional Rez radio station CKFUcanada FM taking place in current times, which constantly faces struggles to keep their radio signals alive and buzzing. 

Rogers gave Native Viewpoint a description of the series and the characters in the series in a press statement.

Janet Marie Rogers, Mohawk and Tuscarora, has created a web series on a fictional Rez Radio Station CKFU titled ‘NDNs on the Airwaves’ (Courtesy photo)
Janet Marie Rogers, Mohawk and Tuscarora, has created a web series on a fictional Rez Radio Station CKFU titled ‘NDNs on the Airwaves’ (Courtesy photo)

The station is family-owned, however, one daughter, Patricia Jones (played by Six Nations singer/songwriter Lacey Hill) aka Queen P, aka DJ-PJ is left to run it after her parents unexpectedly pass away.  

Patricia does not possess any radio experience or technical aptitude and would rather leave the Rez to pursue her dreams as a fashion designer in the big city. She co-hosts the Morning Medicine Show along with a career-minded work-study DJ Gerald (played by professional standup comic Micheal Moses) who is Black and who has only joined the station to file his hours as a broadcast apprentice. 

Eric Anderson Humbleman Recording a scene of 'NDNs on the Airwaves' (Courtesy photo)
Eric Anderson Humbleman recording a scene of ‘NDNs on the Airwaves’ (Courtesy photo)

Wayne Wiias, “Your Meat on the Street” (played by pow wow MC and ex-radio host Adrian Harjo) is a fixture to the station, who has been with it since its very humble beginnings 30 years ago. 

DJ Wiias is their ‘outside guy’ calling into the station via live remotes from his cell phone from various locations in the community. For villains, we have a pseudo-Native investor Brent Belaney (played by Six Nations crooner and music producer Jace Martin.)

Secondary characters include Patty’s Auntie Brenda, a wise, kind and stingingly straightforward woman (played by radio DJ Jenny Blackbird). Jake and Belinda are “hang around the fort Indians,” Randy, is an overzealous conspiracy theorist and confused traditionalist.  

Joseph Owl plays Randy a 'an overzealous conspiracy theorist and confused traditionalist' in NDNs in the Airways' (Courtesy photo)
Joseph Owl plays Randy ‘an overzealous conspiracy theorist and confused traditionalist’ in ‘NDNs in the Airways’ (Courtesy photo)

NDN’s on the Airwaves trailer

“Throughout the episodes, listeners will gain a sense of the quirky and charming ways Indigenous radio defines itself and serves its community,” said Rogers in her statement to Native Viewpoint. 

“We address current political and social issues in surprising and humorous ways. These stories take viewers on a journey of cultural survival (and showcases) the unique role Native Radio plays in perpetuating Indigenous identity through voice, tone and of course, humor.” 

NDN’s on the Airwaves series link

“The content of this station’s programming will prove to be unique much like the methods Patricia and her radio partners employ to keep it running. Over time, we will see Patricia being reintroduced to more traditional means of evoking the strength and knowledge she needs to keep the airwaves afloat while simultaneously leaning towards more self-sustaining operational methods i.e. solar power.” 

“The series was created for my own love and passions for Rez Radio,” said Rogers. 

“Native communities hold fast to our stations and I hope NDNs on the Airwaves will help share the importance of Native radio through our humorous stories and educational narratives.” 

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